Death, Drugs & Muscle  Gregg Valentino and Nathan Jendrick

A behind-the-scenes look at the underground world of bodybuilding, this exposé is a tragic tale of drugs, murder, and self-destruction. Detailing Gregg Valentino’s fame as “the man whose biceps exploded,” this portrayal reveals how he quickly rose to the top of the weight-lifting scene, becoming both a spokesman for the sport and a celebrity among fans. This account also discusses how he crossed into the illegal world of steroids and drugs—becoming the biggest supplier of Steris products in the United States—and how his world of sex, drugs, and money came crashing down when his girlfriend died from a drug overdose and he was arrested. A gripping, uncensored story about a muscle-worshipping culture, this provocative, harrowing biography uncovers the dark and dangerous world of steroid use and drug dealing.


greggcoverEssentials of Bodybuilding Gregg Valentino and Nathan Jendrick
Essentials of Bodybuilding is bodybuilding taught by the man who trained his way to the largest arms in the world: Gregg Valentino. With almost forty years of experience in the world of physique building, there is no greater resource when it comes to learning how to build your own physique than from Valentino himself. This is the first time Gregg’s secrets have been taken to the printed page and you don’t want to miss it. Essentials of Bodybuilding contains everything you need to know to build your body from the ground up or to improve the program you’re already using.